Newsline - Autumn 2023

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Don’t get tied up in knots

A number of high-profile rulings this year have demonstrated an increasing likelihood of a new homeowner going to court to recover the costs of treating Japanese knotweed; but the cases have also highlighted the long delays and costs involved in following this route.

ICONnect: Seamless case management integration with Isis Conveyancing

We’re always striving to improve our services, so when our clients began to ask if our online quotation system, ICON, could be integrated with their case management system, we stepped up to meet the need with ICONnect.

A powerful solution

Did you know that when providing a quote for a development site, we can often extend cover to include utilities service providers?

Winning combinations

When you need several legal indemnity policies for the same property, choosing one of our range of combined policies not only saves you time, but it also saves your client money, with a discounted premium.