The Isis story

Isis Conveyancing Insurance Specialists was founded in 2006 to provide bespoke and specialist legal indemnity cover. Our experienced professionals are renowned for their speed, efficiency, excellent service, and technical expertise.

A flexible approach

Our aim from the start was to take a different approach from our competitors. We recruited a team of experienced underwriting professionals who could use their depth of knowledge to deliver creative solutions and offer cover where competitors might decline to quote.

Getting the right quote isn’t much good if it arrives late, and our market-leading service standards made sure we always issued quotes quickly. With expertise and speed unrivalled in the industry, we quickly made a name for ourselves for providing quick, bespoke, and competitive legal indemnity quotes.

Securely backed

With our team in place, we were ready to get to work with our insurer, Liberty Legal Indemnities. Today, as part of Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE, they command a security rating of A (strong) from Standard & Poor’s.

They’ve underwritten our policies right from the start, and their secure backing gave us the strength and the capacity to handle the largest of legal indemnity enquiries, including those for commercial or real estate developments.

Isis Conveyancing ONline

Although we quickly became renowned for our excellent service, we didn’t rest on our laurels. In 2008, we launched a ground-breaking online legal indemnity quotation service: Isis Conveyancing ONline, or ICON. Even when it first launched, ICON offered a market-leading 80 legal indemnity covers; these days it offers hundreds of products, and has been specifically designed to handle your most complex cases too. ICON also lets you order all your policies online, even quotes you obtained by phone or email. Click here to learn more.

Specialist service

We’re always striving to improve our services so, when our clients began to ask about missing will and beneficiary insurance, we stepped up to meet the need. Some members of our team already had experience in this field, and that expertise coupled with our high service standards meant it didn’t take us long to become a leading provider in the market. If your clients are looking for protection from future claims against a deceased’s estate, read about missing will and missing beneficiary insurance.

Looking to the future

From a small team with grand ideas, we’ve revolutionised online legal indemnities, earned a reputation for taking a flexible approach to the most complex cases, and raised the bar for customer service to become a leading figure in the market. We’ve come far since we first founded Isis, but we’re ready to go even further.