Introducing a brand new policy: ‘Lack of vehicle crossover consent’

Our new policy has been developed to respond to an increasing number of existing residential properties that benefit from a ‘vehicle crossover’, such as a dropped kerb, which has been constructed over an adopted pavement or verge without formal consent from the local authority.

Both buyers and their lenders are covered by the policy, which is designed to protect against the costs of defending and complying with enforcement action by the local authority, and a reduction in market value to the property should use of the crossover subsequently be prevented.

Where planning consent should have also been obtained, for example if the property is located on a classified A, B or C road, then this policy may be combined with our residential lack of planning cover.

Premiums start at £96. For more information or to get a quote, take a look at our products page, where the policy can be found under both the ‘Access’ and ‘Planning’ sections.